The world's safest and easiest way to pay!

This is the end of all fraud associated with credit and debit card transactions, guaranteed.
The Problem With Cards
When you pay with a card, you're taking a surprising amount of risk.
Simply carrying your cards in your wallet (including e-wallets) is risky because of potential theft and loss.
When you hand over your card, you are trusting that the employee will not mishandle your card, such as taking a picture of it or swiping it more than once.
When swiping or inserting your card, you are trusting that the correct amount is actually being charged. Most of us don't adequately review our statements to catch mistakes.
Once you've handed over your precious card number, you risk having the data transfer intercepted by hackers.
Many merchants store your card numbers on their servers. This is also venerable to the ever-increasing skills of hackers.
In many payment systems, there are several intermediary gateways that provide identity thieves even more opportunities to steal from you.
It's time to put an end to this MADNESS!
The World Xchange Solution
While utilizing your same cards and the same processing networks,
World Xchange changes the way they work, making all transactions100% secure and fraud free!
Instead of you handing over your sensitive card information...
The merchant sends you a purchase code.
Then you just scan the code with the World Xchange App and approve the purchase.
Simply put, since your card information is never used in a transaction, there is nothing to steal. All the processing and transfer of funds is safely conducted on the powerful banking networks, ONLY.
In Addition, Take Back Your Privacy
The merchant will never see or handle your credit card information again.
  • You can also choose to withhold your name and address from the merchant, allowing you to make an anonymous purchase.
  • No more embarrassing card declines. If your card is declined, only you will know about it, allowing you to chose a different card or decline the purchase in complete privacy.
  • No merchant can ever store your card information because they will never receive it.
The App
Not an e-wallet. This is a complete purchasing portal.
  • Accepts all major credit and debit card brands as well as many department and specialty cards, including gift cards.
  • Ensure every charge is accurate before touching the Purchase button.
  • Every purchase in recorded in an easy to look-up and research format.
  • Customize your account. Set privacy levels, merchant communications and special deals that have been designed just for you.
  • IN addition to many more tools and services planned and currently being developed.
The Merchant App
Services available for all point-of-sale; in-person, online, door-to-door, delivery, and telephone.
  • Easy to use. Staff training in less than five minutes.
  • Easy to integrate using JavaScript or a simple link to the World Xchange check-out.
  • Access your sales data from within the App or the World Xchange Website.
  • Powerful, easy to read and understand sales reports.
  • Access to powerful, new marketing tools never available in the world until now. For more information, please contact us.
OK, at this point you're probably thinking...
, because even if the transaction was intercepted, there is nothing of value to steal. In addition, there is nothing of value stored on the merchant's servers or kiosk, the consumer's app, or even our servers.
Think of it like putting all your cards in a bank vault and never having to take them out to use them.
Proof of Concept
The Timeline
Q1 2018
Idea conception
Q2 2018
Proof of concept and working model
Q3 2018
Initial US patent application filed
Q3 2018
Launch crowd funding campaign
Certification of devices
United States launch
Global patents obtained, global launches TBD
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